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The village of Kranevo is a splendid holiday village that is situated at one of the most picturesque spots on the Black Sea Coast, between the summer resorts Albena and Golden Sands and only 20 km. away from Bulgarian Sea Side Capital – the town of Varna.

Hotel “GERY” offers medicinal procedure

Ilian Komitov and his team are specialized in the successful healing of bones and joints.

The team is popular not only in Bulgaria, but abroad too. For more than ten years grateful patients have been visiting him. The combination between the sun and the sea, the methods of standart and eastern medecine, apllied with special skills bring guaranteed positive results.

Each patient is treated with an individually organised program. It could include:

  • manual setting of bones into joints;
  • a corresponding massage;
  • mud application;
  • loga (hot compress);
  • healing gymnastic;
  • electrotherapy.

The club offers different individual ways for treatment of stress, as well as an anticellulitis program.

Healing and Prophylaxis of the diseases of:

  • the spinal column;
  • the back (pinched nervesl stiffness);
  • lumbar radiculitis;
  • discal hernia;
  • inflamation of sciatic nerve;
  • post surgical conditions of the spinal column and joints;
  • headaches and migraine;
  • stress and depressive conditions.

Recommended months of the year are: March, April, May, September, October.

Contacts and information:
Bulgaria, Kranevo, str. “Dunav” N16, Hotel “GERY”
Manager: Georgi Svetoslavov Ivanov
tel/ fax: +359 893 605 606, +359 893 605 655

Open in all seasons

Hotel GERY
Kranevo, 16 Dunav Str., Bulgaria
tel/fax: +359 893 605 606, +359 893 605 655